Salkantay eXponential Fund

We fund and grow exponential latin american companies with regional potential and a global mindset


About Salkantay

Salkantay is a VC firm that creates value by collaborating with intrepid entrepreneurs, visionary investors and its allies to identify great ideas and transform them to succesful, innovative and sustainable companies

Our mission is to connect Peruvian and Latin American companies to the world. We believe that Latin America has great entrepreneurs with talent and world class ideas. Together with them we will lead the transformation process of our region into a Digital Economy

We are winners and grant recipients of the 1st phase of Innóvate Peru’s Contest

We are members of the Capria Network, a global investment firm leading the largest network of fund managers in emerging markets

We have the conviction that investments that improve people’s lives are more resilient, less risky and more profitable

Our investment thesis

Tech enabled startups are growing exponentially across emerging markets and the process in 2018 has sped up in Latin America (2x growth), the Pacific Alliance (4x) and Peru (5.5x)

Salkantay Exponential Fund (SXF) focuses on high financial / high return impact opportunities in Peruvian companies expanding abroad and in global companies expanding to the Pacific Alliance

SXF will capitalize on regional trends and the fast pace of growth to fill the VC gap in startups, helping them create value as they expand across markets

The fund is multi sector, focusing on business models that solve big regional challenges with technology in fintech, ecommerce, smart cities and logistics, SaaS & B2B, edtech and heathtech.

The regional focus is centered in the Pacific Alliance (Peru, Colombia, México and Chile)


Team experience


Seasoned, diverse and motivated


60+ years of local and global
experience as investors, entrepreneurs and operators


$6B+ in Investments Managed

$800M in VC&PE Investments

$830M in exits





What only large corporates achieved before is now possible for a small team based anywhere and powered with technology.